UV-1 FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

The information on this page is meant to help you troubleshoot encountered problems. Please try if the items below do solve your problem.

Q: The UV tube does not lit
A: Please check the following items:
  • The correct power adapter should be used:

  •         9V DC, 500mA, 2.1mm plug, positive outside
  • The drawer should be completely shut. If not shut completely the security switch will be opened and the lamp will not turn on.
  • The timer is not set. To set the timer turn the dial clockwise until the right time is indicated.
  • Q: Each time I move the UV-1 there is some noise coming from the tube. Is that normal?
    A: Yes, it is normal the UV tube makes a bit of noise like there is something loose inside the tube when you move the UV-1. This is caused by a little piece of mercury inside the tube needed to generate the UV light.

    Q: Does the UV tube fall under the UV-1 warranty?
    A: No. Since the UV tube is very fragile, we can't offer warranty on this part. New tubes can be ordered if needed.